SkyrrTech Founder

Jon Danckwerth

SkyrrTech was founded to bring together like-minded professionals to enable the manufacturing community to move away from the old inefficient and environmentally taxing model of doing business and start developing factories around the new technologies and processes that have been developed in the last few years to enable a cleaner, more efficient, sustainable, and supportive future for Manufacturing.

With over 25 years of experience in the Military, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, and Additive Manufacturing industries, Jon found himself working with companies around the globe to enable new technologies that were often only used as bandages on a broken industrial system.  He realized that those same technologies could be better used to recreate the manufacturing industry from the ground up into a more efficient and sustainable system.  With this approach in mind and drawing from his industry wide connections around the globe, SkyrrTech was formed.

Industry Experience

SkyrrTech – Technology and Manufacturing Consultant

Syng – VP Manufacturing and Operations

Joby Aviation – Manufacturing Manager

Carbon – Program Manager

Apple – New Product Introduction Program Manager

Space Systems / Loral – Executive Director Programs

L3 Communications – Technical Program Manager

Space Systems / Loral – Materials and Process Engineer

US Navy – Engineering Officer

IIT / Office of Naval Research – Laser Machining Research Manager